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THERMOS 6: Julie Carr

From our spring 2011 issue, some poems from Julie Carr, one of my very favorite contemporary poets. These ones aren’t in a book you can buy yet, but you can buy her other books here, and should. — AS

from Think Tank

& I’m an O without a figure

no fool but an egg

with yolk eaten out

by he who swaps

the kiss of god

for a speaking tongue

at night’s noon. Blank

went the candle


A part of a whole, apart from a hole, is the pit of the soul,

the apex of soil. From you I might hang

babies, babies, babies

A mother’s gorges: her cheeks and her hair. Her hallowed


A man walks into a party

because poetry is a semiotic fortress

My sex is so quiet, it needs no song

At the Saturday playground:

O conscience, you florid surge

And poetry is an alphabet of hunger

The beast takes its pleasure, but what is pleasure?

Shoulders of the sick:

on the right and left



Joyousness fled and sex fled: something had to restore these things

Civic volunteer plum trees,

like grieving orphans, defended nothing

“One has a secret self, a rather delicate pondering inner person

Much of poetry exists to communicate with this entity”

“Life is a plot to make me move”


I must effort to remember this

girl-baby on her back

Wind up and the water grew hotter. Her visage more

or less fair, fairly sound, sweetly fair

Where is my fool? I think the world asleep

In my mother’s mossy little mirror

the freedoms of fire

vaporized. We’ve altogether

forgotten her

Is this, then, the place?


One to two to one to two to one to two to one

goes regeneration’s

math. There, the door opens for: sun, road, behold

five–a perfect gaggle of kids

Apples, potatoes, pigs, and birds. Bread, milk, sugar, and eggs:

Feed my kids. The cow feeds my kids. The truck. The flame feeds

my kids. The bag feeds my kids. Plum and butter and nut and hen:

nothing so kind as a warehouse


& the windowpanes rattle in the bad news/good news format,

a way of displacing or troubling the triumphal narrative of the emergence of a rational-critical sphere