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THERMOS 3: Nico Vassilakis

Nico Vassilakis is a mighty and prolific force in Seattle’s avant-garde poetry, visual-poetry, and art communities. I first read a chapbook of his poems, Species Pieces, when he donated it to Seattle’s Zine Archive and Publishing Project. The next year I heard him read, with John Olson, a poem of all vowels to a schoolbus of scared onlookers. The work below was featured in our third issue, in 2009. — JT



Nglish (Excerpt)

engage the pica of Utah

the voyage of spots of gathering of drainage of mussel suitability that sad feather
inside deeply the ghoul of geese a goose permanent I come to you above the miles yards

drive out the rats that rate the old advertisement of raveled
material of spots of pin of tear to once that’s the
chance in the drill it goose ghoul a rent of v I come to you or me
from the yards

the old woman’s tear in the praise of spots to a chance
that I make tic TAC it them geese go a
rent of v I come to you or me from the yards





some divisions clique intent an octave higher.

seeds are caught better in the castanets.

the hive is a piece – thick oil-base paints inch in addition to

– a representation of radio, a native of monolith I of burial in the
constant of bottom of tended page of
slipping of a link ahead of an Alpine exit is next right in
front of us

they say that a house is a framework which they also say is more conjecture about the
blue ice at the perimeter

thank you to speak the radios by radio about talks.

my generator, it is nowhere near from here.