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THERMOS 3: Michelle Taransky

Philadelphia poet Michelle Taransky has published two full-length books of poems with Omnidawn,  Barn Burned, Then (available here), and Sorry Was In the Woods (available here), along with the chapbooks The Plans Caution (co-authored with Richard Taransky, from QUEUE) and No, I Will Be In the Woods (from Brave Men Press)She once won a New Jersey tennis championship by frustrating her opponent with lob serves. These poems originally appeared in our third issue, and are from the series of poems that makes up Barn Burned, Then. — AS




No you haven’t seen
pictures. No you never were born
in the barn. Yes
we will go to the
no it is not a story. Here
the sentence needs
to be completed. It was the sentence
the detective decided
the robber



Bank Barn

The barn built into the land is a small child
Speaking for the cattle’s tracks
Like a bride this window grazes
It’s beautiful, not lucky
A buyer who doesn’t need
To check a harvest before
Trading. Not even a mountain
Could have a barn like this
A view of everyone
Else’s spotted horses
Drinking oceans
What about them
Can’t be followed



Barn Burner, A Call

He owns the field

Memorial for conviction
Place where split beckons

Between stage and the stag
An unsharpened knife used

In house making church

I said it’s from the lost chapter

And an invention— delusion of caw
Asking yes saying label

Siren from segment
From departing

Fence of breathing
Salute of sharecrop

Minion had been used
Was scansion

As I was told

The same place will
Father idea, stand for the
Stanza, a house

Where replacement flowers
Invention is numbered
Temple, the scare,
Third moment about courage teacher

Difference between red and bird is
One is red