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Isabel Balee: from “Extrications”

I’m glad to have an opportunity today to present some new poetry by Isabel Balee, a New Orleans native who studies at Brown University. Things I associate with Isabel, aside from poetry: great sunglasses, excellent music. — AS

from Extrications

Exhume the fool they make
of their bone-space.

Unsuffering liars.

Mistakes of freedom.

Contours of the night
so pretty that a boy tap dances
to that music again: the intrusion
of hallelujah snowflakes

dissolving wet streets        O wonderful

holy book of your faces

of my faces

of slippery flakes


Deliver me from the afternoon
throwing gravel at my faces
they don’t happen to change
so much yet and will be
remembered differently later
when I am another person
opening my fingers
to hold a pair of binoculars and look,
look at all the people.


Is that you at the gate
of moving silver
withdrawn from this believing
to be true—it doesn’t matter
that we are explanations
inhabiting bodies, beams
will bottom out
their lights, he said,
coming off his horse.


Exhume the moment from tiny florets
bending rain              and all
blue behavior of mudbricks.

Down, windows.

The sad story.
The saddest truth ignored.


So long stranger
parting rhapsodies.
Take my job. Take my dress.
Hand me my idiot
and remove my ghost.


Deliver me the clock tower
in all its parts
I want to touch its fist
sticking out and armed
in the immensity of night
of snow’s talent for disappearing over
rooftops by the skin of the moon
for miles and miles              disappearing