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Three Seattle Poets, Pt. 1: Emily Wittenhagen

Emily alseep

This week we begin a series on a spiky, cheerful cohort of Seattle poets from the writing group King of the Cats. We’ll present work from three poets , then an interview with them. First up is Emily Wittenhagen.

for Bee Sandy

A duet left two buffalo
our mouths, two one of few times
in her bedroom and dance-moves
our legs’ entered on the platform
of the train. The coconut
was slow on the slow this one night,
was enough for a cotton-eyed Joe
before it WORKED, Joe: the radio
and it saved our was and WE
were saved. Warrior stripes
shone in the moonlight,
each brighter, each night.
Quiet of the wild, come out.

How to explain? Cannot to.

Radio tells our memories
our memories are more flawed to
each time we recall more. Present
is the only more we can trust
to explain to, only what care
does anyone care to? Now. Who lives?
Now, nothing leaves my mouth but leaves
for a cat leaves, now legs carry
nothing for feet, now beneath a desk.
But I will no longer point these feet
no longer backward. Will only say
there were spirits, were buffalo, were.

So I decide, now decide I am
going  to live in my body
as it is, almost fearlessly.

But I body, I body difficult
here. Here I was when the world
left mouth and entered legs, took
when legs took me to the swamp, when
wildfires were the reason to the sun,
an all-night type of ember to orange
reason that glowed explosions
that glowed off, sent buffalo
gone glowed off away.

How to explain? Cannot to.

Nothing come of but stays and went
there how. I will say but there was breath,
was smoke come of fire how. Almost left
my mouth there in the woods, left a duet
there left, gone glowed off away.

Emily was born in Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington, the birthplace of Chester Greenwood, inventor of the earmuff. She’s also lived in Le Mans, France; Asheville, NC, which has the longest autumn season in the country and the motto “Esse Quam Videri” (To be, rather than to seem); and New York, NY, a city once traded to the British for Pulau Run, an obscure Indonesian island once known for its nutmeg. She now resides in Seattle, WA, the first city in the US to play a Beatles song on the radio.