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THERMOS 7: Jessica Laser

Old friend Alex Walton introduced us to Jess Laser’s poetry in 2011, and here we are, re-introduced to it again in 2013. — AS


As a dimensional channel waves in digression
Each one heaving its own filmed liberty
The past now secluded as the sky is over
He’s thinking the privacy of his own thoughts

I mean that from a city window life
So that mercy as which ties and appeases
Can in society that’s collective regret
Drown a man in future water

Only would you drag your own body
Certainly this is not the last question
Time’s bell: does the sea want to cast the land
When God pushed Cain he felt the toll

Knowing emphasis as grasp
The most competent sleep with meter
He had to lie with Mary save the world
So to go under this is to behold

Her circle’s ambulance taking him away
The dwarf left for Zarathustra
Don’t wait says the postman
When I was also in the world as I entered it

Preparing to Spend the Night

I think because I feel I am a castle
white on top of the look out
it’s that cement between the stones
that outlasts the stones and so the wall shapes
that which is beyond the wall and in front of it darkness
a past which I can see
no one understands daylight really
and I would call them out but then
again would I forget the joy in death
and in some bedroom the night
holy those unknown to me
don’t know I’m here I mean
do but my hand is in the way
I think of calling you but must
your voice be that ocean
that I cannot produce
for example the building
produces heat and so do I
where are you
where are you
the ocean makes no lord of itself
you can’t imagine the details though
they lapped the shore I think
to call you to my side for a time
I have listened to one song
and nothing in it changed
my aim to live free
including the sun
about earth I am fooled
and have I no hope
no cool and tiled hope to walk midnights
again how I wish to cry out
am already what honesty
what honesty is loneliness
what have I that has left me so
thoughtless as to wish to leave a world so full
of sculpture today white
among stones friends
with sun and shade