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THERMOS 2: Maggie Ginestra

These poems of Maggie’s appeared in our second issue. Maggie Ginestra has taught, stage-managed, and directed theater in Gainesville, St. Louis and Atlanta, and studied poetry at Washington University. -JT


the plush room the beachy the soap room
the cock room the horse would stand very
very still room the never lost a spouse room
the delicious room tucked away some quiet
guy off the street selling driftwood covered
in dollar store the potential there he saw
next to fancy lamps someone will want
to rescue the walls grind & spill orange
sand little piles of time we brush off
when you buy still the hot glue hooks
hook the sun down again its xmas
he says and looks me up & down aching
my ears                       who bought
that cabinet in the back all those quiets
untucking in my arms i’m too young
in the middle i climb a column & hunker
god spray some roomspray the calm one

Dolphin Lovin’

bed too soon to the floor
no time for ideas
her socks still on her feet
how old show with fingers
weight of ocean keeps them
barely moving keeps their
desire whole better keeps
unrelated questions
bodies part of the bus
over waiting around
her crush made her tourette’s
worse better not a song
bridge sometimes a puncture
bridge sometimes a suture

Armpits of Old T-Shirts

black a stack of yellows
that i can have my turn
flapped my arms in the street
mom helped her swallow it
drove her home game over
bridge wet with butterflies
i float you over it
thank you thank you thank you
car wet with butterflies
reach over wipe my face
to one day be without
ending up in restaurants
we’re not quite here
waitress, we’re not quite not