The New Census: Sandra Doller

Our feature of Rescue Press’ new anthology of contemporary poetry, The New Census, concludes today with poetry from Sandra Doller. Thanks so much to all the editors and poets who contributed to the anthology and the feature — it’s been a lot of fun for us to read. You can purchase the anthology here.



finger pointing
come hither
what did you capture
what did you land on
uh snap
uh snap
here’s one—I’ve got one
spiral jetty on the
black top.


what did you see
what I saw what I
fanned myself I shared
a moment of fanning
I told myself fall down
I said to fall down is
to be forgotten
is to be lonely on the
black top
I have never used
this word this pen


write the soundtrack sound tack
spread it out and try to
move forward only
1 inch try to stop
yourself from this side
to side
run around a downside
an email is being
sent a hardness
how do they know?


-what is an
-where did she go?
-what was her name again?
-why are we here?
-will you share it?
-why is the floor stomping?
-what about that?
-why not?


-fire under water
-sad jokes
-unhappy ice cream
-sorry holiday


where are you now?
what was that wave?
what sound does the foot
make on the
asphalt sidewalk
too such


only questions I have
are where why
when I woke up I
so wake me up
did you just lift your foot?
did you just ask me to dance?
can you write and listen?
what happens without
what are you afraid of?


I doubted it—I didn’t
believe it—
I told you I didn’t
what just happened here?
what did you say?
what was on your foot?
why were you standing
is this how you feel?
is it over?


what is your focus?
a distraction a diversion
a Sandra a
they’re saying my name
I can’t focus without my
once my name is
whistled a



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