The New Census: Darcie Dennigan on Sawako Nakayasu

This week we continue our feature of The New Census: an Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry, a lovely new book edited by Lauren Shapiro & Kevin A. Gonzalez, and published by Rescue Press. You can purchase the anthology here. Today, New Census contributor Darcie Dennigan addresses fellow contributor Sawako Nakayasu.

Phrases about The New Census from an Online Chat (Continued):
…name a center and then the everything starts to look like an exception…Chris Martin’s swooning lyricism, Dora Malech’s jeweled musical lines, Sawako Nakayasu’s language between registers…(to be continued)…

Letter of Love to Sawako Nakayasu

dear Sawako, here (edit: below) is a small negative image of your hamburger poem, the 9.2.2003 Texture Note (page 236 in The New Census)

Dream about cows.

Hanging upside down from the sky inside a herd of cows.

Inside the first line of the Les Murray poem, “The Cows on Killing Day“: the sky is shining.
Each cow gets a football field of grass to herself. Except there is no football here, and so there are no tailgating BBQers, and so there is no need of hamburger.

SN, I really love this poem for its grossness and funniness and tragedy and ache. Since reading it, I have wanted desperately to rescue you from the hamburger labyrinth.
But I don’t really know the way out, so I wanted to give you these cows that my husband drew so that you could at least go back to the beginning and start again.


by Carl Dimitri

by Carl Dimitri


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