THERMOS 3: Isaac Sullivan

These poems by Isaac Sullivan are among the strangest I’ve ever read, and even now, four years after I first encountered them, I continue to puzzle over them, pleasurably of course, troubling myself with the perfection of their imperfection, the absolute precision of their linguistic failures. I find them, honestly, amazing. — AS

She is Good

he thinks of the many
different positions he has seen
his grandmother in.
the setting and time is in winter.
the mood is very plain, almost
boring. grandmother feels
a great lost to lose
her sight. she is suffering
from not being able to see.
she has lamps, stove, beadnecklaces
to show she is good at building things.
she keeps her room in the dark
probably because she might not want
to have any light on her
until she can see again.


some like to be
in the inside and some
in the out.
what the goverment
should do is, have two
differnt classes, one
for the kids who like
to be in door and
the other for,
the out siders.
students will lrean much
when they see what
there lreaning about.
if student go out and explor
they will be more indrasted.
I’m a type of girl
who like to: explor,
camp-out, see differnt
typs of thing. if were
just in door what are
we going to lrean.
our birans arnt going
to know if it real or not.
just Questions, and Questions
need to be anwerd.
if not it can drive
people insan. so many
beutiful thing out there,
food we never imagen.

He is Out of Control

OK basically
he feels he is out of control
feels weightless and says
things happen and how
it happened it show
the horse is holding
energy like a spring.
first line of the second
he in control or safe.
the second is describing
a line weight less,
he coasting and says
things happen
due to music
he doesn’t really know
what’s going, the feeling
is excitement, fear and
the horse is very mad.

God is a Jealous God

in gulf in vision
imagine a sea
of geriatric, concentric
semicircles, a glowing
screen repeating.
its gaze focuses on its viewers,
condensing a wild current.
how special to engage
in amusement, a scattered
abstraction of nightmare.
do I look
like the general electric man?
God is a jealous god.
he said, “put no idols
before Me.”
you will lose sleep
and make less informed purchases,
pervert, welcome to the source of television.


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