THERMOS 5: Brad Richard

Brad Richard, one of the best poets writing in New Orleans today, gave THERMOS these poems several years ago, around the time that his second book, Motion Studies, was released. He has since released a third collection, Butcher’s Sugar, and continues to work with the wonderful creative writing students at Lusher Charter High School. You can read a recent interview with him here. — AS


Gone and there our bodies, near and not to hold. Here: forest to chromium, stone to umber, violet clouds the far water. Here: each of our bodies as one forgets, posed in difference. You derive from this, a gaze, a farther delayed, incomplete all ways. Eternal arrival where we never, our pleasure made gone, there, in our forest’s grayed down greens, in our stream’s graded hues, in use, in you. I never seen, tell us naked, tell us heat or him, tell us touch, telldeath your story, our bodies, there, gone, each a child’s toy, a reel he tosses past sight, o-o-o-o, pulls back by its thread. Thread we play you hold. Here:


Slowly the rain
               thinks        :
                         withered fingers
                         of the poinsettia

Light empties
               from the sky’s face      :       shadows
                         heap on shadows, leaves
                                 fallen from a psalter

The jaws of the hour

         You beckon

I enter              am broken


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