Joseph P. Wood: Baby Bear

Baby Bear,


Red flag on pole staked into a grass


Wind, I remember, wind in that grass

Wind through the bodies of no one I could

Wind a particular sensation I can not


Red flag on pole staked into your grass


I possess no direction utterly

What is required your sensei said that

You were small and had round cheeks


And I fail, Baby Bear, fail you

How can this fact deny this thing

Brain hands hurt chest hurts deeply so

In your home

City, Baby Bear, have I utterly


on a page my body quaking

balloon string you are the hand I am possessed beyond


What I mean is





Sensei circumstance you will if permits


You not my hand of my hand through the board

The red flag wind the more words the less is

You listen, Baby Bear, crocodiles lake wind

Like that one time

That one time


And you are

Loved beyond me which is what

Is required, afraid quake body

Baby Bear, dark choosing chose


I did not respect the deed

Every single sensation I had

Taught me whole blew these leaves

Baby Bear, I bow before the people in time

Fading never so never so one shard of

I tire take short cuts now

I don’t have to finish


Everything today

Last one one last broken red sun wind knot know

Better red tape sun grass last time means know anything more

Grass grew me inside you nothing got better

I chose breaking own my I running chose me wrong run

My head hung low in my palm, Baby Bear, last this

Line grass leaves red verb who knows I you I you love love o


Joseph P. Wood is the author of four chapbooks and two books of poetry, which include Fold of the Map (Salmon Poetry) and I & We (CW Books). He splits time between Birmingham, AL, and Tuscaloosa, AL.


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