Jessica Laser from Thermos #7



As a dimensional channel waves in digression

Each one heaving its own filmed liberty

The past now secluded as the sky is over

He’s thinking the privacy his own thoughts


I mean that from a city window life

So that mercy as which ties and appeases

Can in society that’s collective regret

Drown a man in future water


Only would you drag your own body

Certainly this is not the last question

Time’s bell: does the sea want to cast the land

When God pushed Cain he felt the toll


Knowing emphasis as grasp

The most competent sleep with meter

He had to lie with Mary save the world

So to go under this is to behold


Her circle’s the ambulance taking him away

The dwarf left for Zarathustra

Don’t wait says the postman

When I was also in the world as I entered it

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