Justin Fyfe: Lincoln Ne Pts Pt 4

Justin voltas

Warmly rounding out our Lincoln feature is sp ce co-founder and poet Justin Fyfe. From Schuyler, Nebraska, Justin is a free espouser of the body and its couches. His blog WHISKY IS FOR FRIENDS (at justinryanfyfe.blogspot.com/) is the most enduringly updated blog RSS can feed. Stay soon for an interview with Paul Clark and Kyle Crawford. 


black hole

controls out of my factor
pen and paper haves
my wrists are horse knees too
i love you times infinity
clay nipples for the shaping
the way you mountain over pacific
and ocean
and i wish my legs were arms
and i cant see you with my hands
pinching at sex like a chore
my sweeping or hiding everything under a bed
where gods cannot see
a lead mattress with stains from a body
from when the roof leaked or the cat died
or when i swam into you etc.


poem thing

i’m struggling to understand my own existence
in the poem, where there is no poem

a wall there, pressing my face against it
to feel the cold move from metal into skin,

teeth become magnetized to what should be said
in the poem, where there is no poem

and questions are just words i don’t understand
because my mouth parts won’t stop talking–

things fall from things thinging, and scared me
in the poem, where there is no poem

then lightning, then thunder
wind, wind, and the storm forming

thoughts on the night when there is no storm
in the poem, where there is no poem


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by justin on March 20, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    i have never lived in schuyler nebraska


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