Rachael Wolfe: Lincoln Nebraska Poets Part Two

Rachael listens

We continue our series of Lincoln poets with two poems by Rachael Wolfe. After four years of studying gender and creative writing, Rachael graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Afterwards she snagged a job with State government, and is currently plotting escape to a poem commune of Amanda Huckins’ creation.


He is mine and I am caught


in a stew pot.


You pull out a glass and think

mother. You pull on a dress.        It’s been cut

too low. You only

think you could wear it                   To the movies. Around

the house.


It’s beautiful the way

we are dumb to each other.


It’s this and it’s then.


Where the rabbit got under

the fence.


You like vowels like they’re organs like they’re worth money.





Here’s your body liquid here’s

your money. Drink a little water

or spit it back up

in the plastic. We are

we are animals. It’s something

to laugh at.


Here’s a little piece of fat

put it in your mouth. And thank

the television Thank

the entire department. Six

turkeys fit

inside two aluminum trays.


You didn’t make it fast

you didn’t leave it.


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