Mark Leidner: work from The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover

This month, poet and old friend of THERMOS Mark Leidner has published a book of aphorisms, called The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover. Put out by Sator Press— a self-made pay-what-you-will indie publisher— the book is available right now. Go get it! Here’s a selection of work from inside:

the purpose of love is to gain so much of one person’s trust, that when they are dying you can tell them it will be okay, and they will believe you

the period of time beginning halfway into the previous second, and ending halfway through the next, is what is known as the “fiscal second”

early on in his career, the poet sold his soul; he then spent the rest of his life trying to redeem it; as a result, he was highly motivated, and all of his ambition was sincere

missing someone is like what the wind feels like to itself

history is the first enemy, and in the end, the only companion, of every visionary

love is like a bunch of mountain ranges
that when you look at them flatten to nothing
then leap back into the sky when you look away

the white male wears a mask that faces himself; then calls himself the world

God is a good comedian but he only has 1 joke and it’s 24 hours long

the instability of language has become so predictable that no word in this book will mean in one second what it meant one second ago

the fabric of reality
is in great shape
for its age
but has a lot of extra skin
like an elderly sensei


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    Aphorisms from Mark Leidner, whose Beauty Was The Case That They Gave Me I loved.


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