Daniel Poppick: Place Your Something Eyes Inside

we at THERMOS would buy wallpaper from this man

Over at THERMOS headquarters, we recently had the pleasure of soliciting work from Daniel Poppick.

Poppick lives in Iowa City, where he is in his second year at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in New American Writing, Colorado Review, and The Kenyon Review Online.

Place Your Something Eyes Inside

What little I’ve read continues to be lovely, The most memorizing
            Action sequences we've seen since
                       Speed, said a man selling it with
His friend in Manhattan, joke or apology for how you and I
Dab our tears with cubicles
                          To all that keeps on regardlessly haloing

         In green instead of light I’ll soap
                  Our home to dust with,
Given the chance, and it flowers out daily, the cat a schedule
Diverted to practice
                  Being like leaves in another instead, fixed

Still in animal mechanisms, riotously delivered to permit the 
That you make me a stranger I can’t
                                  Populate with videos alone.

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