Four New Orleans Poets, Pt. 1: Faine Greenwood

Faine is turning into a sword of light.

THERMOS is excited to begin a series of place specific documents this year — we’ll offer new work from small groups of young poets with ties to a specific city or area, over the course of a week. We begin with New Orleans. Faine Greenwood is a 22 year old hailing from various regions of the USA. She just graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans and now works at a newspaper in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She is currently focused on learning how to become a real-life journalist and learning creative Khmer swear words. She writes about her travels here.

greenhouses of india

bangalore he says this is
the evening comes on the smog
that is the scum on the pond
that we siphoned off that is
the bean-people that lurked in woods
that we chased out with plowshares
that is the golden castle and that is
the english greenhouse (when i breathed on
the glass walls when i said a
supplication when the roses came out
and bloomed and died again)
you cannot maintain english plants
in this heat he said through mustaches
you cannot maintain yourself in this
choleric heat (he said, as he
watched the little girl with little hair
cough out and die upon the –
well such climates such climates such climates

(they cannot reside in greenhouses they cannot
go around with greenhouses on their backs
they cannot)

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