Marc Rahe: Dear Paul,

Marc Rahe is looking at a baby duck in a top hat

THERMOS is delighted to present both Marc Rahe as our June blog poet and Rescue Press as our newest best friends in the world of small press. Marc grew up in Pleasantville, Iowa. He received an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Gutcult, Ink node, La Fovea, Notnostrums, Painted Bride Quarterly, Sixth Finch, and other literary journals.  Marc lives in Iowa City and works for a human services agency. The Smaller Half is his first book.

Dear Paul,

I would have responded sooner,
but they didn’t allow smoking on the train.
During the ride,
Joanna wept into her hands.

This was before the scene at dinner.
We should think kindly of her.

There is a dangerous way I think of her
that brings back the smell
of maple and birch leaves.

Our brothers and I,
when we were children,
would tickle Joanna mercilessly at school.
Once when we wouldn’t stop,
she vomited.
I felt I’d been deliberately embarrassed.
I know.
The indecency surrounding that incident
makes me feel terrible shame.

I think of her weeping in the car
and I think she would blot
the inside of her chest
to hold her heart’s blood
in tissues in her lap.

She would have done anything
to take your wife’s place
in the accident, Paul.
We both know that.

My glass is empty now.
We arrive the second of August;
you won’t need to meet us.
All solace we may bring to you,
we will then.

~ ~ ~

Here’s how the fine folks at Rescue Press introduce themselves:

Based out of Milwaukee, Rescue Press is a small independent publisher interested in work by activists, artists, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, list-makers, philosophers, poets, scientists, writers, and creative thinkers of all kinds.  Their first release— The Smaller Half, a collection of poems by Marc Rahewas published last month, and contains work that (as Christina Mengert of The Constant Critic says) is “a unique combination of archness and wonder, guardedness and receptivity, nonchalance and surprise.”

In the future, Rescue Press is hoping to publish small collections of artwork, comics, compositions, essays, how-tos, interrorgations, poetry, stories, and other calamitous experiements.  In the month of July, the editors will hold their first open reading period, and more information on this and other Rescue Press news can be found on their websitewww.rescue-press.orgin the coming weeks.


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