What’s Out There

THERMOS editor Jay Thompson on poetry criticism around the Web.

What sustains you in poetry? Who do you trust for recommendations of new books? If you’re out of school, what’s your network? If you’re in school, what’s your counterbalance? Who bugs you, who do you love? What do you want to share? Here’s some prose that’s scratched my brain this month.

The English scholar Hai-Dang Phan on Linh Dinh’s words, odors, blood and money

A really sad really short story by Steven Dixon

From the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet blog, Bhanu Kapil writes about the notebook

A lyric essay by one of my favorite poets, Dan Beachy-Quick, on the dusty odd collector and splinterer Martin Corless-Smith

Stinger six years old but still sharp: Steve Evans on “The Resistible Rise of Fence Enterprises”

An old essay by Mary Kinzie (thanks to Michael Theune for referring me to this) questioning poetry as apotheosis

Where do you want to be published? Success, memoir, idealism against materiality, and the “omnipresent Line”: Jennifer Moxley interviewed by Noah Eli Gordon

A funeral-garland future: Joyelle McSweeney on the “future” of “poetry”

What are you reading these days?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by eachsmallthing on May 2, 2010 at 8:08 am

    love that notebook post. that blog (as most?) is alternately great and terrible.


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