Heather Christle: It Is Like Surgery But It Is Not Surgery

Heather dressed for a Georgia snowstorm

Heather Christle, THERMOS‘s blog poet for early November, grew up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  She is the author of The Difficult Farm, a poetry collection published by Octopus Books.  A portfolio of her poems and other documents recently appeared in Slope, and you can find more poems in recent or upcoming issues of Columbia Poetry Review, Fence, and Octopus.  She lives in Atlanta and is a Creative Writing Fellow at Emory University.  More information is at heatherchristle.blogspot.com.



It Is Like Surgery But It Is Not Surgery

When you split infinity you just get more
infinity It’s different with crackers with bells
with an eagle When an eagle flies into
a bell the bell rings the eagle collapses
There is a finite distance from the bell
to the ground It is harder to say when
the bell completes ringing For a man
with tinnitus the sound does not end For
infinity childhood was rough At the zoo
infinity could not pet the eagle was
not allowed but kept spreading everywhere
It was embarrassing An eagle in a cage
is in some ways a symbol You can
split her up from her real parts


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