Lily Ladewig: Elegant Monsters

Lily near water

THERMOS keeps in close contact with
current and former contributors, involving
them as much as possible in the journal’s
aesthetic conversation.

While this space is largely a forum for that
conversation, we’ve also inaugurated a bi-
monthly series of blog-only poems, solicited
from writers we love, to function as a par-
allel and addendum to the journal proper.

Our poet for early July, and our first in
the series, is Lily Ladewig.

We hope you enjoy her poem!

Elegant Monsters
To be someone’s cup of tea
or a flight of stairs.
To start one’s own line of fur.

What are silhouettes to the streamline.
To be a freak is to be Valentine
pattern-making against the threadbare.

To be beautiful is to be damaged:
Baudelaire undoing window-dressings.
Nightfall turned organza on us.

Like ombre on style-watch
I dreamed in ankleboots,
the mega-turbo kind with cloven

toes, your mouth a protrusion of leather.
To dress in animal parts
we are ever-returning

to the Palais Royal as Valentine
struts the studio floor.
What are hemlines to the populace.

To be painted as Love is painted poorly.
A mandorla of mink, of happenstance
is hot pink.

To tattoo two birds inside. My wrist.

Lily Ladewig teaches poetry and sindhu yoga in Amherst, where she studies in the MFA program at UMass. She’s published work in Drunken Boat, Seeing Other People, and the Adirondack Review, among other places. She also runs a blog of her own.

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